Friedrich Nietzsche Beliefs.

We are back with more OddLearning Knowledge. This time we are writing about Friedrich Nietzsche, have you heard about him? Considered the founder of modern ATHEISM. Friedrich Nietzsche’s nihilistic belief

Can you Die from Loneliness?

Hey guys, Welcome to another OddLearning post. Today we are going to talk about Loneliness, and why it shouldn’t be taken lightly. To start what is the definition of Loneliness?

Stuff You Should Know

Welcome to another OddLearning post. Just as the title says, we have listed -Stuff You Should Know-, we will continue to add more posts like this. Sometimes you can learn

Totally Free Online College Courses.

Welcome to another OddLearning post! We love to keep learning, thus we are always searching for resources and information. As we browsed through some online communities, many asked each other; Where