We are back with more OddReviews.

Today I’m reviewing an unexpected treasure I happen to accidentally buy

Going shopping with toddlers is always fun, they bring you inner child thats wants something you probably don’t need, the problem is that as the adult you have the money or credit cards to buy such things, but do you have the resolve to not buy them?

I went shopping with my toddler and as all kids around his age, the excitement to put things on the cart (and the parents putting things back while they don’t see) is endless.

I did let him choose one toy but in exchange he had to put the rest of the things back.

I guess we both missed this tiny thing. I only noticed once the cashier put it on my bag.

It had a red tag which means final sale, since i was in the store I could have changed it, but the amount of people waiting for the one register was huge so I didn’t want to waste more time.

It’s so tiny I forgot in which bag it was.

The next day my son asked me where the “tiny puppy” was, that’s when I remembered and we opened it.

What do I think of it?

…Wow, just awesome!

Who could have thought this tiny Bluetooth speaker was better than most of the huge ones i have tried in stores. (Note to that, I been looking for a Bluetooth speaker but not only most were overpriced but the speaker quality was pretty bad.)

So let me share some details about this cute but powerful speaker.

What’s the name of this awesome speaker?

Animal Speaker

What does it include?

Speaker and charging mini USB cord




40g (So tiny)

This animal speaker has only one button (Power – ON / OFF), but do not be deceived as it can do more than you think;

  • Press the button once while playing music, it increases the volume but you will need to control the volume with your phone or the paired device.
  • If you get a call, you can press the button once to answer.
  • You can also use the power button to take photos. To do so you need to open camera – settings – then set “volume key” to “take pictures”

It’s very easy to pair with your device, just turn on the speaker and then turn the Bluetooth on your device and you will find it immediately.

(Definitely easier than the smart watch we had to pair up a couple of weeks ago) – Check out our U8 SmartWatch Review!

The size is perfect to take anywhere and you will be surprised how loud it can be. I play music with mine at half the volume bar and I can hear it everywhere in my house.

We didn’t plan to buy this product before hand to review it, as it was from our personal shopping but seeing it’s a quality product for a great price we felt the need to share it with you, our reader.

By now you might be wondering how much does it cost? Well the price ranges from $10.0 to $20.0 dollars.  (I bought mine for $11.0 CAD)

You might find one in a local store at a cheaper price, but online $19.0 is the average cost.

What do you think?

If you are looking for a portable, high quality, low cost speaker, this is your guy (or gal).

So far we haven’t encountered any issues with it. It rarely disconnects from the paired device, but that might be an issue with my phone 😉


We hope this unexpected product review is useful to you or someone you know.

If you already own one of this speaker please let us know your experience with it, we would love to hear what you love or hate about it.


We will continue to bring more reviews 😀


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