Hello and Welcome to another OddLearning post! Can you see this hidden message :O wow!

As I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee in my favorite mug, I wondered… Shall I share my passion for Cat Mugs with you, our reader?

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Part 1 of 2 or maybe 3!

If you are a Cat lover, you probably have at least ONE item that has cat adoration written all over it, maybe even shaped like them.

So we want to recommend, for you to add mugs, Cat Mugs in your life! If you can really see this message, how are you doing?

You already know what mugs are.

But did you know the first mugs were carved in Wood or Bone?

Also, the oldest mug discovered dates to its creation being on 6,500 and 3000 BCE?

Awesome right?

Mugs are one of the first things you buy when you move out, some have a story behind them, some become very important thanks to the meaning behind them.

Mugs are literally everywhere, your home, your car (Travel mugs), your workplace!

But now i feel im ranting about mugs, so let me go back to Cat Mugs, they are awesome and if you don’t have one, you might need one!

Lets me list a few awesome mugs you might want to consider.

Let’s get to it!:

1 – Smarty Cat Mug:

 This mug is the one that inspired me to rant about Cat Mugs, I found it and i bought it! It’s very sturdy, good quality mug, and holds up to 18 oz!!

Great if you love a big cup of coffee!

As quoted in Amazon:

  • The Boston Warehouse Hand-Painted 18-Ounce Earthenware Smarty Cat Mug is an adorable and quirky way to enjoy your favorite beverages -major cute factor!
  • Made of a high quality earthenware composition
  • Large handle makes your sipping experience comfy and cozy
  • Hand-painted mug is a fabulous addition to your coffee and tea bar –a perfect gift for everyone, too!

I can’t disagree… and the best part is that they made a set for the smarty cat, not only a mug but a hinged jar, salt and pepper shakers, scrubby and sponge holder…it’s ADORABLE!

Check them out!

We leave you a link in case you are interested in the Smarty Cat Mug!

2 – BZY Portable Cat Mug:

 At first I didn’t dared to take this mug out of my house, i felt it would break easily if i accidentally dropped it, but to my surprise is quite resistant (I ended up dropping it more than once at my place) The seal work great, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking and it can also hold up too 14 oz!

As quoted on Amazon:

  • PREMIUM SAFETY MATERIAL & CUTE SHAPE: This 14 oz tea Cup / maker are used of high heat borosilicate Glass ,Thicker ,heat and explosion proof ; It can withstand up to 150 ℃ degrees temperature and ;the teacup with a lid which is made of food grade PP material ,Different from the PC material,PP Material is BPA-free, non-toxic and No chemical odor;showed as a lovely cat shape
  • CONTAIN 3 PIECES:This Glass tea mug contains 3 pieces : glass cup body + high quality plastic lid + removable stainless steel strainer.And come with a lovely postcard and Coaster as a gift .The size of the cup is :5 X 3 inch
  • WORK AS TEAPOT , EASY TO BREW TEA:Open the tea mug and take out the strainer,then put the tad bag or tea leaves at the bottom of the mug; Cover the strainer,Pour hot water then you can enjoy your tea and the strainer will help you to filter the tea leaves.This glass cups can also be used for tea,coffee (bag coffee) brew and milk.Portable ,you can use it indoor or outdoor travel.
  • SPILL-FREE LID & EASY TO CLEAN : A well designed and lovely cat shape lid / cover locks into place and ensures water doesn’t leak out of your tea mug.Big mouth opening, easy to clean.

It comes in 5 different colors!

3 – Cat Tail Mug with Fish Infuser:

This tiny Cat mug is a treat! Great glass quality, easy to clean, small, includes a diffuser for your favorite teas, easy to hold even for a child!

As quoted on Amazon:

  • PREMIUM SAFETY MATERIAL & CAT SHAPE: No Plastic! This 12.7oz tea Cup / maker are used of high heat borosilicate Glass, thicker, heat and explosion proof ; It can withstand up to 150 ℃ degrees temperature; The teacup with a lid which is made of food grade PP material, Different from the PC material, PP Material is BPA-free, non-toxic and No chemical odor; Showed as a lovely cat shape
  • FISH FILTER AN EASY TO USE:The fish filter is easy to spin off, install and clean after using. You can put anything you like inside, just like coffee sugar, scented tea, fruit tea, green tea, herb tea, slim tea, flower tea, salad juice and so on.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: Send it as a gift , all kinds of people will love this cute cat. The filtration system uses very fine holes to allow only water into the cup, holding on to your tea leaves and preventing you from drinking scented tea with leaf debris.

We leave you a link in case you are interested in this Cat Tail Mug with Fish Infuser!

4 – Asmwo Cat Mug:

 I love LOVE this mug! Its cute, obviously cat shaped and it one of those simple little things that can make me smile in a bad day.

As quoted in Amazon:

  • This super adorable mug is made of ceramic, novelty cat shape, colorful painting, with a cute fish stirring spoon,14 ounce capacity.
  • Lifelike mellow shape, lovely ears, funny expression on face, crossed claws, cute small feet and tail as handle, vibrant color painting, with a fish designed spoon, just can’t help looking at it, make you laugh and love it, even a great option as home decoration.
  • If you are finding a gift and want to be creative, this mug is definitely a good one, for your friends, coworkers, especially perfect for a cat mom, dad, as birthday, thanks giving, Christmas gift, and it is packed in gift box, can be sent out decently.
  • High quality and safe material, lead-free, you can use it to drink any beverages, like coffee, tea, milk, espresso, juice, water in home or office. The wall of mug is sturdy and thick, keep the beverage hot for longer time.

Asmwo has more Cat Mugs worth checking out!

This is all for Part 1!

We don’t want our crazy cat love to show 😉

By the way, did you see any one you liked for you or a loved one?

Please let us know in the comments!

We hope you come back to our Part 2 or maybe 3 as well!

We hope you have an amazing day!


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