Family Health

Dealing with Anxiety as a Mom.

Welcome to another OddLearning post! I dedicate this post to moms as myself, with their world full of constant learning, effort, planning routines that are impossible to follow, feeling physically

Detox Fruits and Vegetables

Hi and welcome to another OddLearning post Today we will share information on detox fruits and veggies, as you might already know; detox foods can help your body get rid

How to Boost Brain Power

Hello there OddLearners! Are you looking for way to Boost your Brain Power? We listed some tips provided by experts in the medical field, with the purpose to help you increase/boost

Top 20 Most Dangerous Drugs

Welcome to another OddLearning post! Today we will write about the 20 most dangerous drugs. You are probably familiar with the names of illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, methadone, etc..) as we

Can you Die from Loneliness?

Hey guys, Welcome to another OddLearning post. Today we are going to talk about Loneliness, and why it shouldn’t be taken lightly. To start what is the definition of Loneliness?

Names of Phobias.

Welcome to another OddLearning post! Today we will talk (write) about Phobias. Phobias “morbid fears” are a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent object or situation, they are