Hey guys and welcome to another OddLearning review!

Today with help of my son I will review the popular toy The Glow Trax, also known as Magic Tracks or Neo Tracks.

(You can find them with those names, I didn’t even know they were different brands because they look pretty much the same, and they fit with each other.)

Glow trax was first shown in TV for sale, and now it’s in stores like Showcase or even Walmart, with the motto “As seen on TV”.

After buying a set and separate pieces for my son I wanted to share if they really live up to the features and benefits they describe

To start does it truly bend, flex and curve in any direction?

  • A : Yes, it has really good flexibility and it’s easy to curve in any direction, my son really likes that he can shape it any way he wants plus you can add extra pieces like a tunnel or an elevator which makes it more fun. The advertisement tells you, that it’s possible to bend it 360 and it’s true, it’s awesome compared to old style race tracks that were hard to move once you set them up for your kids.

Are the pieces easy to snap together?

  • A: Well the age range for this toy is 3+ and for a 3+ child it’s very easy to snap together, but they might need an adult to show them. My 4 year old didn’t have any problem.

Do the track pieces really glow in the dark?

  • A: Sadly (for kids) they don’t. I know this was the main feature, it’s called glow tracks right? But they don’t glow, maybe like those dollar store stars. Its very low glow, maybe if you have UV lights then you will surely see them as those videos in youtube, but if you have regular light bulbs…not so much. So I’m disappointed and I think my son is as well, he asked if it was broken D:

Good time to teach your children of false advertisement 😉

Do the LED light up race cars keep the track glowing?

  • A: Not really…. They are cool cars but they have smaller lights than the commercial shows (every commercial does that) so they aren’t very bright, and to be honest you cannot really tell what’s going on if you play in the dark.
(Some of our images have been provided by Magic Tracks and Showcase, we only use them for review purposes.)

Rolls up for easy storage?

  • A: YES! And every parent should be happy it does because it easier to move around and doesn’t take a lot of space.

I must mention that the car wheels don’t have a really good grip so sometimes the car slides, and it goes through the battery very quick, so consider rechargeable. There is 2 car sizes (which I never saw mentioned in the descriptions), and the smaller car keeps flipping itself and going off the tracks. The cars come in different colors aswell (They have a police version and 4×4, etc).

Over all it’s a very innovative and cool toy. It gives the option to add pieces and make a unique track, plus your children will have the option to create which helps in their development.

My son gives it a 4.5 out of 5, and I agree as I see how much he likes it. 🙂


I hope this review is helpful, and if you have any questions please be sure to ask!!

We will review more toys, and share our thought for you. See you next time!


UPDATE: For Christmas many Retailers, specially SHOWCASE are giving discounts, If there is any around your area you should check them out!


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