Hi there, if you are here you must have clicked the “NEED HELP?” button in our Menu bar.

OddLearning wants to provide information that is helpful to you, our reader. But we don’t want to help just doing reviews or giving out tips, we want to reach out to you as humanly possibly and be there if you need us.

We currently have 3 admins, and we have experience in many fields.

If, you need to talk with someone, about anything we will gladly answer, and it will remain confidential.

If, you need information about the nearest help center we can help you find it.

You are not alone, and sometimes it’s very hard to find or reach out to someone.

If, you just want resources we can give them to you, you can tell us as much as you want and remain anonymous.


If, you are in imminent danger please call emergency services.

(También proveemos ayuda en español, asi que porfavor si necesitas a alguien puedes contactarnos.)

We are currently located in Canada and Mexico so we have more accurate resources from these locations, but it doesn’t mean we can’t help you if you are in another country.

Us, the admins have experienced abuse, suicidal attempts, mental health, PTSD, anxiety, and more.

We understand the need to talk with someone and not having anyone.

So please, PLEASE, don’t be afraid to reach us, we will gladly help you as much as we can.

Be safe, alright?

You can contact us at;

  • admin@oddlearning.com
  • arlet@oddlearning.com
  • eren@oddlearning.com
  • oddlearningcom@gmail.com
  • Odd Learning Facebook.


We can text as well, if you want to communicate this way please email us first so we provide the numer.