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Today with the help of my son we are reviewing Playmobil Recycling Truck.

Recycling Truck

This toy doesn’t have a lot of information, pretty straight to the point, it’s a recycling truck!

Playmobil has a good reputation for the quality of their toys as they are made to last, If you don’t know much about them I would recommend for you see the process of how they make their toys.

Also, you should check the awesome commercials they make for every new series they release.


They spend hours testing the durability, and making sure to reduce hazards for children. Each set has different age range and luckily they have a line for the younger kids called Playmobil 1.2.3.

We will review more toys from Playmobil but in the meantime why not check their official website;

Playmobil Official Website

or their Youtube Channel;

Playmobil Official Youtube Channel


Now back to the review;

I bought this toy for my son after looking at many garbage/recycling trucks from other brands.

Some were too big others too small, and from cheap, easy to break materials. I have bought Playmobil toys before so, when I saw they had this one I asked my son and he loved it.

The truck includes a recycling container with some cans with lids, and an easy but clever handle that when you move it upwards it dumps everything on the truck.

It doesn’t require batteries and it’s very sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about getting it on water or dropping it by accident.

It has two little workers with their yellow vests and caps, only the caps are removable.

You can open the cabin to place a conductor and passenger, you can also open the back to take the little cans out, this way your kids won’t get their hands stuck trying to take retrieve the small recycling stuff.

It’s a bit heavy so be careful not to drop it on your feet (I did while helping my son tidy up, and it wasn’t pleasant)

The price for this toy is 29.99. But sometimes Playmobil sets up offers for all the retail stores that have their products and give great discounts. Sometimes up to 40% off. And I’m sure that with the holidays coming up soon (as I write this review) You might be able to find it cheaper.

My son loves it, so we can say it’s a 5 out 5. You get a quality toy for a reasonable price.

This series called city life includes 5 more sets of recycling related toys, I will list the others below in case you want to check them out!

Recycling Truck

Make sure to click the links on the images in this post to get better deals !

1.2.3 Recycling Truck

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If you want to buy a Playmobil toy, i always recommend to go their official website, as they have the best prices and you can shop safely!


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