Hey guys, Eren (Admin) here and today I will share my review on the Ultrasonic Humidifier by pureguardian.

The weather is getting colder in many regions, turning the air dry not only outside, but indoors as well, as we see the need to turn on the heat.

You might be looking at this review because you or someone you know it’s starting to struggle with dry sinuses, cracked lips, dry throat, even bloody noses.

Humidifiers can help ease those problems, but you need to know they require maintenance and regular cleaning so they don’t become another health hazard.

They are different types of humidifiers, this one is an Ultrasonic Humidifier which produces a cool mist with ultrasonic vibrations.

From Guardian Technologies, which offers a full range of small appliance-based solutions which make it easy for people to live happier and healthier lives at home. They are a company focused on creating powerful, safe and innovative technologies, with an overarching goal to help facilitate healthier, happier home environments for consumers worldwide. (At least that is what’s written on their website)

I bought this Humidifier 3 months ago, I did some research and it had the higher stats with 4 stars in most websites. I bought it at a local Walmart for $39.96 (that includes 5 dollars Walmart charges for a 1-year warranty, the product itself includes a 3-year warranty with the factory).

For the price I had higher expectations but I must say I am somewhat disappointed.

It’s easy to use, it does not require replacement of filter, wicks or Pads, that alone saves a lot of money. It has a capacity of 0.21 gallon (0.76 liter).

It has two settings; High and Low. I personally used the high setting because I could tolerate the white noise these one produces, as for the low setting it made an awful screeching noise specially the first week of use. After that it got better but it was causing me a headache

It has a night light, which is great if you place it in a child’s room.

The information in their page assures it can run up to 10 hrs on one fill, but maybe 8 on low setting and 6 on high. The nice thing about it is that it turns off once it runs out of water, well…most of the time.

My complaint is that it started acting up in the first month of use. Some days I would be woken up by an awful clicking noise when the water had run out, and sometimes it wouldn’t turn off by itself.

This Humidifier is made for very small spaces, it might be useful for you if you plan on using it in an office or basically have it besides you in any space you are, since it’s small, moving it around won’t be a problem. But If you are looking at it for the same reason I was (Placing it in a bedroom) then I do not recommend it.

To summarize, I will list the pros and cons;


  • Produces cool mist, in case there are children around there is no potential hazard of getting burned (Like with Vaporizers)
  • Small size, easy to move around.
  • Easy Cleaning
  • No need to buy filters, wicks or pads
  • 3-year warranty
  • Bonus Night light
  • It turns off when water runs out
  • Quick-start
  • On High setting is very quiet.


  • I does not last more than 7-8 hrs on low setting and 5-6 on high.
  • It doesn’t always turn off
  • Random clicking noises even when maintained
  • Made for extremely small spaces, not useful in bedrooms.
  • For the price, it’s a small humidifier.

I give this product a:

4 out of 5*

It’s a good product, it’s just not what I need it, so I’m not pleased. But it’s great for personal use and the fact that you can clean it so easily and do not need to buy spare parts to replace like the pads and filters, is a good reason to look into it. It has a good time warranty so if you give it a try you don’t have to worry about a money loss if it breaks down.


We hope this OddLearning post Review is useful to you before you make a purchase, and if you have any questions please leave a comment or email me directly at eren@oddlearning.com.

We only share opinions on products after we tested them ourselves 🙂

See you around Fellas.



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