Welcome to another OddLearning post.

Just as the title says, we have listed -Stuff You Should Know-, we will continue to add more posts like this.

Sometimes you can learn something valuable in just one sentence and most of the time, these are things you already know, but need to remember.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, make the most out of everyday.


Lets start the list shall we?:

-Live for Yourself.

-Life is too short to waste time hating someone; Don’t let remorse stop you from being happy.

-Life isn’t fair, but there is still good in it.

-Over preparing might stress you, but it’s better than regretting not being prepared.

-Agree to Disagree. Winning an argument isn’t always a victory.

-Whatever you are doing is right, as long as you are not hurting someone.

-Don’t fret over the past, you have to look ahead, live the present and let the future come.

-If a relationship has to be kept in secret; then you probably shouldn’t be in it.

-Don’t cry by yourself, to heal is better if you are accompanied by someone.

-Speak kindly of yourself and those around you.

-Don’t fear change, change is necessary, as long as you don’t forget your values.

-Don’t dwell on the past.

-You are the one that gives meaning to your life; Don’t let it go to waste.

-When you say “I love you”, mean it.

-Everyone needs to spend some time alone, solitude can enlighten.

-When someone apologizes after hurting you, do not answer “it’s okay” , doing so is letting them know you do not value yourself and your emotions, tell them “I accept your apology, but what you did hurt me, please do not repeat it”.

-Read more books, watch less TV.

-Sometimes you won’t get what you want, but what you need.

-Talk slowly, but think quickly.

-Don’t let others use you to avoid being responsible for the outcome of their actions.

-Give up on feeling guilty.

-Time heals, not everything, but it heals.

-Don’t compare your life to others, we are all living our own lives so don’t judge them.

-You don’t need to know all the answers.

-When you lose, you learn a lesson, don’t forget it.

-Life is a game. Find the games you want to play, learn the rules, and find a way to succeed.

-Stop and admire the little things.

-Your children get only one childhood, make it one they will remember.

-Believe in miracles.

-When it comes to going after what you love in life; Don’t take NO for an answer.

-Don’t let people make your life bitter, don’t let them change who you are and what you love.

-Don’t runaway from problems, face them and fix them.

-Let go of things than no longer serve you.

-You are not your thoughts; your true self is behind the chaos in your mind.

-The most important sex organ is the brain.

-Don’t audit life, show up and make the most of it now.

-If it feels wrong, don’t do it.

-Don’t please people, please yourself.

-Don’t be afraid to say NO.

-Don’t be afraid to ask for HELP.

-Consider opinions, but make your own choices

-Eat food that makes you feel good.

-Never give up on your dreams.

-Step out of your comfort zone, opportunities await.

These are just some of the many we want to share with you, we tend to be overwhelmed by our day to day lives, but its important to stop and reflect.

We are humans, we make mistakes, we cry, we love and we move on. Enjoy your life and the company of those around you.

If you have any thought you would like to share with us, please write them in the comment section or feel free to email us directly at any of the email addresses on the about page.


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