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Today we are going to Review Taro Mochi! A delicacy originated from japan but now accessible pretty much everywhere.

What’s Mochi?:

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of a short grain japonica glutinous rice called mochigome. The rice is pounded into a paste and molded into different shapes.

Traditionally it’s made for the celebration of New Year, but In Japan it’s eaten all year round, and the mochigome rice is high in protein so it’s quite the healthy treat. (Compared to processed candies, but it does contain water and sugar)

It has a soft gel like consistency, nice chewiness and elasticity.

If you haven’t tried them you should give them a shot!

Now what’s Taro?:

When we talk about this Taro we refer to the plant Colocasia esculenta, it belongs to the Araceae family and it’s the most cultivated of that family of plants, It’s also known as “elephant ears” due to the shape of the leaves.

Considered one of the first plants to be cultivated in our human history, as its quite resistant to drastic weathers, specially since is one of the few crops that can survive flooding.

It has many health benefits; The fiber helps the digestive system and It has a high level of potassium which helps improve the blood flow by relaxing the veins and tissues, relieving the pressure and helping you relax. Not to mention it’s loaded with vitamin C helping boost the immune system.

But you have to be cautious, because as healthy as it is, it contains a high calorie content which can be pointless when one is trying to lose weight.

Anyways back to the review!!

I was very curios about taro mochi, so I went to the Asian market and found they had a sale of it! (Remember that sometimes when products are on sale, It doesn’t mean it’s because they taste amazing, but because they need to sell them before they expire, meaning they aren’t that popular).

I have tried milk mochi, red bean, green tea, and more, but never taro. I had taro in a healthy protein drink once and it tasted like dirt…but to be honest I think it was the whole combination in it. So I really wanted to try it again but differently.

The brand of this mochi is called Royal Family, includes 6 ball mochi separated in their own paper liner. The box has a picture that it’s a bit misleading, as they don’t have that much fill in them, but they have plenty to let you enjoy the flavor.

If you are sensitive to textures it might make your gag reflex to start 🙁

The flavor is unique and the first bite I took was fine but then I started to feel a little bit repulsed. But that was just me, I found it quite enjoyable, beside what I just mentioned.

It’s not very sweet and it has that perfect viscosity, goes very well with green tea.

Overall I would give them a 3 out of 5*

I don’t think it’s something I would buy again to enjoy, but if someone offered me some I would eat it. You can give it a try, we all have different palates, if you enjoy a potato taste like in your desserts then you might come to love them!

If you would like to try them you can get them through the link below!

I hope you liked this review, and be sure to check out more here at OddLearning, we will keep reviewing every product that comes into our hands to help you, before you get them!


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