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We will continue the: Teddy Bear Series Part 2!

The theme;

Teddy Bear Museums!

Teddy bears are so beloved that they even have museums, dedicated exclusively to them!

The first teddy bear museum was based in Petersfield, Hampshire, England. Founded in 1984 by Judy Sparrow, sadly it closed in 2006.

But it wasn’t the end! Now there is 50 teddy bear museums worldwide and i shall mention the most popular ones.

Let’s start with the biggest one located in Chengdu china!;

Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum:

This museum has 12 exhibition halls designed by artists from china and south Korea. some of the themes of each hall are;

Teddy History; Which features teddy bears recreating historical scenes from the past century.

Teddy in China; This hall recreates the story of china with teddy bears, and also their legends like the Romance of the three kingdoms and the journey to the west.

Teddy in the World; Contains a number of teddy bears with the seven wonders of the world, like the great wall of China, the pyramid of Egypt, Taj Mahal, and more.

It includes an art gallery showing teddy bears designed by famous artist and cartoon characters.

Not last but not least the Korean teddy bear exhibition which shows teddy bears staging Korean culture such as their history and traditional wedding ceremonies.

And an awesome souvenir shop with more than a 1000 teddy bear accessories! Great place to end the tour .

Now to Japan!;

The Izu Teddy Bear Museum:

It’s located in the Shizuoka Prefecture (quite close to Mt. Fuji!), built in 1995, this museum was built to give a western European vibe making the visitors feel as if they were at the teddy bears place of origin.

As the museum mentioned before, the Izu museum has many halls, from the history of Teddy Bears to Japan’s culture, not to mention they have a “My Neighbor Totoro” section, which is totally AWESOME!!!

And i’ts the home for the most expensive antique teddy bear ever sold! Also, the home for the popular Teddy Girl made in 1905!, a main attraction, as before being bought by the owner of the museum Sekiguchi Yoshiro, this beauty belonged to the Colonel Bob Henderson, the collector of teddy bears who founded the “Good Bears of the World” charity, you probably have heard of it.

It like a dream going there, well that’s what many teddy bear lovers have expressed in reviews to this place.

Now let’s move on to Korea;

Jeju Teddy Bear Museum:

Located in Jeju Island, this museum opened in 2001 and showcases Teddy Bears from all over the world!

It has three halls and its the proud home of the smallest Teddy Bear in the world!

Called Tiny Ted with a height 4.5mm, 0.17inch, made in2006 by Cheryl Moss from South Africa.

Since it’s quite small compared to other museums it feels more like a showcase of a unique collection, surrounded by a lovely garden full of Teddy Bear statues.

You can learn Korea’s culture and history, represented by Teddy Bears!

But not only from Korea, as small as this museum is, it has a grand variety of world wide scenarios represented, well you know by what. 😉

(This photos of  the Teddy Bear Museum Jeju is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

(I feel i have written the word Teddy bears a lot… but please bear with me…unintentional. XD)

These are the top 3 Teddy Bear museums in the world, as i searched for some i knew it seems some have close down, and have been sold at auctions as collections.

But if you would like to find one near you, please leave a comment and we will help you. For the meantime i leave this link to a page that contains all the teddy bear museums registered worldwide (Note that it also includes the ones that have closed down).


Teddy Bear Museums Worldwide List!


I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of the Teddy Bear Series! and come back for Part 3!


Next post we will talk about the impact and benefits owning a teddy bear can have, specially for children!

So see you soon! 🙂

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