Welcome to Part 3 of the Teddy Bear Series!

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Today we will talk about the benefits that Teddy Bears can have in our lives, especially in our Childhood.

According to many specialist, Teddy Bears give a sense of Comfort, Peace and Safety.

But how do they truly help us or our children?

Teddy Bears provide a sense of safety;

  • When exposed to a new environment.
  • When meeting new people.
  • When transitioning from being always at home to going to school.
  • Or the most helpful when they are going to sleep, helping them feel protected from their fears and nightmares.

Not only Teddy Bears but any Plushies that are part of a child’s life can help them develop their social skills and emotions.

Toys are the first friends we ever have, we role-play with them, we show them affection and emotions, most of us, at least once put them to bed with us.

Even as we grow up it’s very common to still have a lingering affection for that one toy, we don’t necessarily remember every detail of our childhood but that doesn’t  mean we forget.

As you might already know, when we are hurt emotionally or physically we feel vulnerable, having that comfort can help us cope.

Children are learning to understand their emotions, as adults we might think their problems can’t be as big as ours, but that would disregard what they feel, so please do not think that. They are more vulnerable and some  of their emotions cannot be coped with, that’s when having a Teddy Bear to hug can help, thanks to the tactile stimulation they provide.

According to many Child Development Guides a Toy Plushy (a.k.a Teddy Bears) helps develop creativity and control of touch.

Before age 6, children live in the stage of magic and imagination, creating fantasies, the world is amazing for them. But as they get older and they assimilate our (must i say, harsh? exhausting? disappointing?) reality, that Plushy becomes their support to go through the changes.

And as life goes by, that beloved Teddy bear will go from being their best friend to becoming just a toy, just like it did to all of us.

Let me give you a good example as a parent; For children afraid of the dark, or scared to sleep on their own having that friend with them makes change bearable. 😉

According to police and fire departments they have adopted giving Teddy Bears to children in distress, because it has been proven that Teddy Bears have a positive psychological effect in people that have suffered neglect in love and care, which are fundamental for us human beings.

Basically, Teddy Bears are our friends, even when we grow up and everything becomes overwhelming, it might be for a few minutes but they can bring a sense of peace.

So what do you think?

Everytime we hear about something with the words bear is probably amazing, bear hugs, bear cuddle, teddy bear songs, bear with me, etc… (unless it’s on the news.)

Bears make everything awesomer!

Anyways, I will not overwhelm you with more information as I would rather read your honest opinion, that is, unless you want more information that we will be happy to provide 😀 

You might feel too old to have one, but if you don’t, you might want to consider getting one, after all we are still children deep inside.

If you have any questions please be sure to ask, just leave a comment or email us directly and if you have any suggestions of what we should write about we would love to hear them!

We hope you enjoyed this post!


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