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Looking for some Tips to make shopping online safer? Let’s get to it!

I won’t give you a big intro of why you must be reading this post, its pretty clear that you such as myself want to be able to buy things online without fearing our information will be misused and end up getting scammed.

We all know buying online is a risk, the only things you can rely on before making a purchase is the information provided and hopefully some real ratings from previous shoppers.

But is so tempting, those incredible prices! The unlimited products from all around the world!

So here are some tips I follow before I give out my credit card information;

Use a website you know;

Start looking for what you want in a website that has already built a stable reputation such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc… Many of them have apps, which it has been proven to not only make shopping easier, but safer. Remember, search engines can lead you astray, showing you amazing low prices but 80% of them are scams.

I leave some links to them, in case you want to check them out;

A suggestion, before you search for an online store, try checking out the web pages for your favorite retailers. It might be BestBuy, Walmart, Costco, Staples, pretty much every one of them has the option of online shopping and to bring more media attention they tend to offer discounts and promotions for signing up for free, so it’s worth a shot.

Look out for misspelling;

It can be from a letter missing in the name of the domain to the difference between .org .net.

They don’t need your life story;

By this I mean remember you are making a purchase, for that they need payment info such as credit card #, mailing address and name. They don’t need your birthday, social security #, where you work, how much you make, how many family members live in your household, etc… If they were to get a hold of all that information it could cause serious damage, to that you would be held responsible.

Look for the LOCK;

I believe this is the most important one, no lock, no purchase that simple. If the website doesn’t have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) then do not input your information. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Check your billing statements regularly;

This way you can make sure there is not fraudulent charges in your account, whether you used PayPal or other online payment methods, you have a limited amount of days to report such situations without being held responsible. So make sure to track your money.

Have a good Antivirus installed;

This might seem unrelated but the whole getting scammed can start by entering a website with a “virus” that gets access to your information leading to Identity Theft.

There is many antivirus that you can use, you might have one already but if you don’t i personally can speak positively of AVG Antivirus, as i not only have it on my mobile but also in my sons tablet and my work devices. The premium package is great but expensive, so before you buy it i recommend you to test their Free version as it is the most complete i’ve tried and won’t invade you with advertisements every time you use it.

I leave some links in case you are interested 🙂

AVG Home page.

Cheap AVG Antivirus on Amazon

Use a secure Wireless Network;

Your information is not encrypted until it reaches the modem in a public network, which means half-way it could be stolen or “read” by someone that could misuse it. Consider making your purchases at home with your own device, i don’t have to tell you that is safer right?


Don’t throw yourself out there and buy in the first site you see, millions of people buy online, use that to your advantage and read their reviews, how they rated such store and their products.

We are a large community and many of us that have been scammed want nothing more than revealing those truths to you, so follow your gut and don’t be afraid to ask.

Hope these tips help you next time you buy online!


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