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Today we want to talk about Symptoms of Depression in Women.

As you might already know, holidays are times to be joyful but for some of us it becomes a very isolating season.

For people struggling with depression, the holiday season is a dangerous time, we can either feel supported and surrounded by people that care, or confront the fact that we don’t really have anyone to spend happy moments with.

I want to share more insight on the symptoms of depression in women, this does not mean I belittle depression in men, but as a woman myself I can go in more detail due to experience.

Remember that Depression can affect anyone, including animals. It’s seen as a disorder that won’t discriminate, just as any other sickness or virus, if you have any of the symptoms make sure to see a doctor, as it’s easier to treat in the early stages.

Around 20-30% of women go through depression at a certain point in their lives; some are able to overcome it while others continue to struggle for years.

As we mentioned in a previous post depression can trigger imbalance physically and psychologically, and more recent studies have shown that it can be inherited.

Age is great factor in the symptoms of depression, having to go through periods, pregnancy (some of us) and menopause.

Note: Men also go through menopause but it doesn’t involve heavy random bleeding and extreme mood swings.

The highest numbers of depressed women are in their 40s and 60s. Many who don’t have communication with their families and have become isolated.


So, What are the Symptoms of Depression in Women?

  • Fatigue / Lack of Energy
  • Restlessness
  • Mood Swings
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Lack of Focus
  • Disorientation
  • Feeling Sad / Miserable

What causes it?

It can be due to many factors, we already mentioned age, but we also experience :

  • Physical transformations due to hormones
    • During puberty
      • Periods.
        • Cramps
        • Bloating
        • Breakouts (getting pimples)
        • Sore breasts
        • Feeling tired
        • Mood swings (when your emotions change quickly or you feel sad, angry, or anxious)
      • Pregnancy.
        • Postpartum Depression
      • Social Interactions.
        • At school
        • At home
        • At the workplace

Not all social interaction are positive, as women we are often criticized by our looks, whether you are “pretty” or not. There is this invisible social pressure of what you should look like, and no matter from what point of view you are standing they still manage to find flaws on you.

It might sound cliché but women out there YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL .

  • Financial difficulties.
    • Trying to provide for the family is never easy, woman or man.
    • Workplaces that have a requirement of education that not everyone was able to afford and achieve.
    • Disemployment
    • Many do not employ mothers, specially single mothers.
  • Loss of a loved one.
    • The most devastating cases have been when a Mother loses her child, that’s a loss not many can recover.

The last one I’m going to mention is:

  • Abuse

    • Abusive family
      • Dominant Husband
      • Disrespectful Children
      • …..you might know more for this list.

Abuse has always existed and as much as I want to say one day it will stop, that would be lie.

I attended a women’s support group and it was heartbreaking to learn that all the women were struggling with depression due to one or all the reasons above, but the one they all had in common was Abuse.

Many women grow up in an environment where the male family members are the dominant, they learn “being a woman” means you have to be more mature, and tolerant, even if you are disrespected you must stand it to not bring shame, you have to be submissive….you get the idea right? I could keep going but I’m making myself angered and depressed.

If you or someone you know are being abused please seek help, there is many organizations dedicated to help women fleeing abuse, it’s scary but don’t be afraid to give that step to love yourself, you don’t deserve to live the rest of your life like that.

If you need more information you can click the NEED HELP? at the top bar, we will be glad to help.

Can you overcome Depression?

Yes, even if it takes time you can overcome it, but you will need help.

Who can you ask for help?

To start you can talk to your family physician, they can redirect you to counseling and more. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone familiar, you can go to the nearest help centre, many have access to counseling remaining more anonymous.

If you are reading this and you can relate, I implore you to seek help.

I won’t say I have overcame my depression, because I’m still struggling, but I have reached out for help, so now when I’m going back to a dark place im able to reach in time.

Please take care of yourself.

I wish I could give out tips that could help you right away, but there isn’t such. That doesn’t mean you can’t get back up, you just need an extra push.

We hope this information is useful and gives you a better understanding of the Symptoms of Depression in Women.



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