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Today we will talk about Affiliate Marketing, but to start, do you know what Affiliate Marketing is?

Affiliate Marketing is a pay for performance advertising, in which business reward affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts, such as articles or reviews of products linking to the page they are affiliated with.

Simply put, let’s say you have a website – you write a review of a product – you share your affiliate link – the reader clicks the link you shared – makes a purchase – you get payed a percent.

Not only through links but ads as well and if your page becomes an authority having many visitors per day, bigger companies will ask you personally to advertise their products and pay you.

Affiliate Marketing is often confused with Referral Marketing. since both use third parties to drive sales to the retailers. But they are different, Affiliate Marketing relies on financial motivations to drive sales while Referral Marketing relies on trust and personal relations to drive sales.

Advertisers tend to overlook affiliate marketing since it carries a much lower profile, but they still have a significant role in e-retailer marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing can be overwhelming but following the right steps, you can become successful.

It’s important to not give up before you start.

But I won’t lie to you, we need  to talk about the challenges.

It is not easy, don’t dive into this world thinking you will make money right away, millionaire overnight, right? As if! You might see cents the first 3 months or so.

In some years having a stable income is possible! But right now you have to start and work hard.

Before we give more details about the hosting platforms we want to give you insight of the inside steps of Affiliate Marketing starting with;

To start a website you need to choose a Niche.

Your first hurdle, What’s a Niche? To put it simply, it’s your audience, a group of people that are looking for something, and you will provide information and help to them. It can be confusing and frustrating, after all the right niche can determine your success. But I want to believe what someone once told me;

There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche.

It’s best if you choose a niche that is of interest to you, since you are going to dedicate time to it, making it grow, helping, and promoting products through it. Don’t overthink it, don’t beat yourself for hours wondering what’s your niche, choose one and work on it, it probably won’t be your last one, you will create more over time, no one said you can only have one.

I created 3 websites with different Niches before I found THE ONE. Everyone struggles with it so don’t worry too much, there is potential were you less expect it.

Understanding the audience?

Since every niche has potential you just have to make sure your posts and affiliate links are relevant to it.

If you are posting and promoting video games in a niche about beauty products, not only would it be confusing for your visitors, but do you think you will be able to generate more traffic?

It might be tempting to promote an unrelated product because you could gain more with the sales of it instead of the ones related to your niche, if you feel that way then it might be a good idea to create a new niche, If that isn’t the case then don’t drive away your current visitors because of it.

People are very specific when it comes to believing your words, if your site it’s full off ads and it’s irrelevant you won’t be able to make revenue, you might even get flagged as a spam site.

Hosting your website, Is it free or does it cost?

Yes, there are costs involved in Affiliate Marketing, you might not know it until you are already in;

  • Buying a domain name costs from $0.99 to $15.99, some range up to $150.0!
  • Buying a web hosting platform such as:
    • Bluehost $2.95
    • iPage $1.99
    • HostGator $3.95
    • FatCow $4.10
    • PureHost $19.95
    • and more…..
  • Buying SEO – Search Engine Optimization, not to scare you but it can be up to $750.0.
  • Themes in WordPress, they vary but they come around $60.0 to $120.0.

We can keep adding to the cost as you can buy many things to help optimize and protect your website.

That is, if you buy everything separately, but there is another option, I can highly recommend for you to join an affiliate site, that can include all the things mentioned above plus training for a very small amount compared to that.

There is different affiliate sites, such as Affilorama, Internet JetSet, luxton marketing and more.

Which one do I belong to? Well I’m very happy to say it’s with Wealthy Affiliate, they continue to update their content, the lessons are easy to understand, it includes everything you need to run a website at very reasonable prices, but I will give more details in another post, unless you want to know more about it now you can click the link below;

Wealthy Affiliate – What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Affiliate Systems aren’t as fast and easy to manage, unless…

If you already have knowledge then you will adapt very easily, but if you don’t you need to learn and work hard, you aren’t going to bring money immediately, it needs time and not to mention there is a lot of competition.

You need a strong base to start, the right partners and mentors, also to keep updating your knowledge so you can post fresh content. Targeting the best keywords can bring traffic and ultimately revenue opportunity.

Don’t become a salesman, be honest and earn their trust, that way your site can become an authority.

You are a customer as well, what do you look for when shopping online? What convinces you to buy a product? You don’t like a pushover right?. Use your experience to help you reach out to people.

Quality over Quantity;

There is many affiliate programs you can join and promote, some have thousands of products but the revenue you can acquire is a small percentage, and unless your page has thousands of views (You are just starting in time you could have that many views) you really won’t make a lot. But lucky for us, there is many independent affiliate programs that you can find related to your niche and some give up to 50% of the sales.

So don’t limit yourself to big brand names, be open about the different options, quality over quantity.

Same goes for your posts, writing becomes easier and faster as time goes by. But make sure to write quality content for your audience, that can make your site last and maintain a high ranking, Google looks out for that.

Don’t Follow the Crowd;

It’s very tempting to fill out your site with the viral trends, you might get a lot of views but when it comes to it, a low percentage of people would buy from such sites. They are good to follow trends not gain potential clients, so even if it takes time stick to your original idea, follow the right direction to create a successful path as an affiliate marketer.

(I know some points seem repetitive but it’s because they are all connected, when I talk about niche it leads to audience, then to posts, content, links, and so on. But be sure that we are trying to lay out the truth as it is, If you are considering becoming an Affiliate Marketer we just want you to know it takes effort, and it was overwhelming for everyone at some point, but you can succeed.)

Reviewing your Work

At first, you are going to take a long time to write quality posts, we all been there, but with time it becomes more natural. You don’t have to be a writer, you learn to be one, once you find something related to your niche that can help your audience you will see how the words will flow and eventually reach them.

At first, you will go over and over reviewing your post, making sure they look good and relay the message, don’t be to hard on yourself, as you gain experience you will improve. Don’t be afraid to receive feedback, I know some people can be quite nasty but don’t let them discourage you, take the positive and improve.

How long until you see the money?

What we all wonder… bluntly, months of hard work. And in the beginning this can either motivate you or be discouraging, I know you want to see your efforts pay off and they will but in time, so hang in there!


I hope this information comes useful if you are considering becoming an affiliate marketer, I struggled through this myself but didn’t give up, and continue to work hard. It’s like any other job, you won’t get promoted the first day just because you were on time and worked hard, but after a few months you might get a raise right?


But please don’t be afraid to give it a try, it might be your financial future!



Again I share the link for Wealthy Affiliate as I can personally speak positively about it, and if you need a good place to start it’s there.

Wealthy Affiliate – Free Membership! Become an Affiliate Marketer.



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