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As I’m the one in charge of reviews, today I will share my personal experience after buying from multiple buyers through Wish Online Shopping.

As you know Wish is a mobile shopping app that lets you shop over 100 million “high-quality” items at 60-90% off!

Self-claimed to provide:

  • Affordable prices
  • Secure Purchases
  • 300 million people currently using it and “trusting it”
  • Reviews with Photos & Videos
  • Tracking of purchases
  • Customer support
  • Free Returns
  • Low prices for top brands
  • Express 5-7 day shipping
  • Daily deals for extra savings
  • Point system for rewards
  • 60-90% OFF Categories (??)

To start let’s clarify some lies.

Affordable prices? Sure, but you will end up paying double for shipping, so not so cheap.

Secure Purchases? So far for me, I had no problems. But I have read many complaints about extra charges from other shoppers.

Reviews with photos & videos? Not Long ago they introduce this which allows you to learn of others peoples experiences, personally, I like reading the negative ones as I could be the next person to be scammed.

Tracking of purchases? Yes, but is a dummy system. Not accurate at all. I have 2 packages currently missing and I got 3 earlier saying they were still in China.

Customer support? ….. It takes up to a week for them to answer, and sometimes “there’s nothing we can do” is the only thing you will hear from them.

Free Returns? No. If, you don’t like what you got well you are pretty much screwed.

Low prices for top brands? HEHEHE…HAHAHA. I can’t help but be sarcastic because this is truly a lie. If they mean brands like:

Then sure, you get “Top Brand”

The plus side I can say for this is, that many unknown brands mostly from Asian Origin do provide quality products very similar to the top brands you must know. So sometimes you find a rare treasure after hours of browsing.

Express Shipping? I can’t corroborate this as I have never dared to pay express shipping. I’m never in the mood to pay 80 dollars for a 5 dollar product.

Daily deals? I have checked my app for month’s every time I get the daily deal, but they have been the same as any other day. This is just to trick you into thinking you might not have another chance to buy that unnecessary item you been looking for.

Point system for rewards? They do have one, not great but it can be handy. After making 3 purchases I had enough points for a 15% discount coupon (300 points, 100 per purchase) And 5% extra from going in and out of my shopping cart a couple of times (You can trick the system for that) So that gave me 20% which I did take advantage off to make a bigger purchase than usual (Half went missing though) and that’s how I didn’t pay for shipping.

60-90% OFF categories? Wish does have them, but it’s another marketing tactic, so don’t fall for it.


Now that we went over the general point, I will show you the products I have bought and the overall costs:


Zelda Amiibo Cards.


I got 18 cards and they all worked great on my Wii U.

Store: YuYao Fashion Shoes

Order it on Oct 05

Delivered on Nov 02

Item total: $12.35 CAD + $7.00 CAD Shipping

I had a promo code and an extra 5% off  so my total came to $13.54

Novelty Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can.

This Money Safe is great! My son loved it. Every time he puts a bill in this tiny safe plays a song, not only that but, you can change the password.

Store: JJ (And a lot of Chinese characters I cannot find on the web)

Order it on Nov 26

Delivered on Dec 14

Item total: $21.00 CAD + $8.oo CAD Shipping

I had a black Friday promo code and an extra 5% off so my total came to $26.0

Wireless Fly Air Mouse Keyboard Remote Touchpad for KODI Android TV Box PC.


It’s a very useful wireless Remote, I tend to use it more than my actual TV remote. Since my TV as many now includes applications like Youtube or Netflix, this little keyboard makes it easier when typing and browsing.

Store: FupingPingNo1

Order it on Dec 20

Delivered on Jan 10

Item Total: $12.00 CAD

I used my 15% OFF Coupon with my reward points so I did not pay Shipping.

This last one is part of a big order in which, I’m still waiting for 4 more items. 🙁

10 Kinds Stone Natural Quartz Crystal Rock Chips.

Did I need this? Maybe. I like making crafts, especially with quartz and I’m quite happy with this package. (The image above is how I received the packages)

Store: BeautyFactory

Order it on Dec 20

Delivered on Jan 12

Item Total: $11.00 CAD

This one is part of the big order, so I did not pay Shipping.

2017 Fashion Womens Waist Trainer Corset.

(Sadly, I did not take pictures of this one)

I bought this one for a friend but, she let me try it on. It wasn’t as good as the pictures they showed but, it wasn’t too shabby. Quite comfy actually

Store: yfy3

Order it on Dec 12

Delivered on Jan 02

Item Total: $7.65 CAD + $2.00 CAD Shipping

I did not have a great discount on this one but at least shipping wasn’t too expensive.

U8 SmartWatch

We reviewed this SmartWatch thoroughly so we recommend you to check our post through the link below:

U8 Smartwatch Review.


Order it on Dec 12

Delivered on Jan 24

Item Total: $10.45 CAD  (Including Shipping)


(We will update our experience buying a lamp and a vaporizer from them, look forward to it 😉 )

Since I moved recently I haven’t unpacked some of my things, there are more products I have bought from Wish that I would like to show you, so I will update this post once I find them and hopefully when I get the rest of the items I’m waiting for.


Overall I would give Wish a 3.5 out 5*

It is not the most trustworthy online store, but it has a wider variety of products and so far I have gotten 70% of them, I hope in some time I can say I got 100%.


We already talked about Safety tips when Online Shopping, you can check our post through the link below.

Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping Online.


We hope this Review is useful and if you give Wish a try you are not disappointed. Just make sure to keep track of your orders and your Money transactions for any odd activity!


And If you are on your way to buy something, I will gladly share for you this DISCOUNT CODE:


If you have any questions please let us know in the comments, or feel free to email us directly! (Our email addresses are on the About page)


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