Hey there! Checking out reviews before buying ?

That was me a few months ago. I really wanted the Zelda amiibo for BOTW but to my luck, they were either out of stock or no longer in the market.

I tried looking second hand, explored amazon, eBay, even craigslist, the few I found were being sold at high unreasonable prices, I understand they were on high demand but no need to take advantage!

After hours of searching I found a solution, a not very trusty one at it; The Amiibo Cards….

After buying the crappiest Chinese rip-off I stumble upon a set that actually worked, the same as the amiibo figurines but with a choice of a ID card size (standard) or the mini cards (quite cute, but easy to lose).

(In case you are new to the amiibo world check out the link below).

What are amiibos?

But now to the real question. Do amiibo cards work?

Yes and No, depends who you buy them from.

Some of the sellers are legit and knowledgeable making them not just for profit, but to give other gamers the chance to own all the items and cool stuff you can only acquire through amiibos.

And since nintendo is either not making them or increasing the prices, we have the “Robin Hoods” of the fandom creating an alternative for the masses.

There is plenty of tutorials out there so you can make them yourself.

I will share a link in case you are curious how it works.


Where can you buy them?

Wish  https://www.wish.com/

The best set I acquired was from WISH, I did not expect much from it since i only payed $15.0 CAD but WOW!

It took a month for them to arrive but the quality is impressive, the name of the seller I got them from is “YuYao fashion shoes” … I didn’t trust them either, considering they sold more clothing items than anything but If you are able to find this store in Wish I recommend you buy a set from them. They restocked and have more set available now!


My second choice and the place where i got another great set was:


I leave this link so you can see the amiibo cards on Amazon!

One of the sellers from which I bought some amiibo cards for $35.0 CAD on amazon is currently unavailable, but in the past few months I noticed other sellers gain 5* rating with great reviews, including the other seller I bought some cards from when he had no reviews.

Amazon is one of the safest most reputable sites to make online purchases right now, so if you don’t feel comfortable buying from WISH then amazon will be your best bet.

Another place you could get some is:

Etsy https://www.etsy.com/

I did buy some through etsy, not all of cards worked (couldn’t be read) and they were scratched. But just because i had a bad experience with the buyer i chose doesn’t means all will be like that, you might have positive experiences buying from etsy so its worth looking into it.

Last time I checked they were only making and selling Animal Crossing Cards, but they update often so be sure to check them out!


eBay tends to be the last place I go too as they have disappointed me big time, but when i was looking for the cards, to my surprise many of the sellers in eBay are the same from Wish, if you see the names of the stores or sellers and the country of origin must of them are in Asia.

I did not buy from eBay, but some of the sellers had great reviews.

But the same as etsy, last time I checked they are only producing Animal Crossing Cards.

Last but not least:

Independent sellers.

There is a lot of Independent sellers who have their own websites, they tend to be more pricey but they make some amazing cards, almost like works of art.

This are some of the independent sellers that have good rating, but i cannot confirm it as i personally haven’t bought from them.



I advise you to contact them personally and ask them questions, make sure they are legit and if there is signs that make you feel uncomfortable such as the payment methods or unclearness on the deal then walk away, always make sure to not fall for scams!

My Conclusion

This is my personal review, since I bought them and they work, of course i want to recommend them.

Is it Piracy?……well Nintendo has finally shut down many of the makers, communicating to them that their actions go against the policy and rights owned by NINTENDO.

I bought three sets and luckily enough all 3 worked, one tends to need an extra tap at times but is great nonetheless, still the reason i ask you to be cautious is because I talked with people that were badly disappointed and left frustrated with no answer from the sellers.

So from my personal experience it’s a gamble, don’t pay over a $100 for them, and be sure to double check their reviews.

I repeat, this set of cards shouldn’t be bought for over $50.0 USD, thats a rip-off!

I hope my Review was helpful and most of all that if you buy Zelda Amiibo Cards, they work.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or if you need help finding trusted buyers!

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